How To Set Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Simple StepsSet Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Simple Steps If you want to

06 October 2020

How To Set Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Simple Steps

Set Up Your Barcode Scanner in 3 Simple Steps

If you want to increase the speed at your checkout counter, invest in a barcode scanner. Not only does it simplify the sales transaction process by eliminating the need to look up items via the search field, it automatically updates your inventory. A barcode scanners is easy to use, and just as easy to set up. Of course, this is all with the assumption that you already have a quality point-of-sale (POS) system like ELITE POS. Learn how to set up your barcode scanner in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Barcode Scanner Hardware

First, there are several choices for scanners based on how they will be used. ELITE POS supports nearly all types of barcode scanners like CCD scanners/LED scanners, laser bardcode scanner, and omnidirectional barcode scanners, just to name a few.

You need to start by following the set-up instructions. Before you can begin scanning items, make sure it is connected to your iPad, or computer terminal.

Step 2: Input UPC and SKU’s

Now it’s time to prepare the barcodes to be scanned into the register. If you have items that already have UPC labels, you’ll want to select the item from your list and enter the UPC into the proper field. For merchandise that does not have UPC’s, use the SKU number. These are automatically generated for each item. Then print labels for your items.

Step 3: Start Scanning

After you have set up your hardware, and created your UPC’s and SKU’s, you are ready to start scanning. Pick up an item, hold the barcode to the scanner and press the scan button.

Now that you have set up your scanner, be sure to learn its many benefits. Also, make sure employees are trained on how to use it properly. Contact ELITE POS for more info about POS software, as well as barcode scanners hardware.

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